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  Every year January 1st is the New Year’s Day. New Year’s Day is the first day in a year, which people regard it as the beginning of the whole year. It is a holiday for memories and for hopes. Chinese always believe that a good beginning will make a whole year become smoothly. So, it is an important festival that nearly everyone will have a day off.

  As it is important, people have figured out many ways to celebrate it. Some people will celebrate it with families and some will celebrate with friends. No matter what kind of celebrating way, it will be full of happiness.

  For me, I only have one day off, and I study far away from my family, so I can’t celebrate this special day with my family. But I will do it with my friends. We plan to have a wonderful dinner on the eve of New Year’s Day. And then we will talk and stay together to do the New Year count[复习必备 | 海量免费学习视频资源尽在“学而思轻课APP”>>>点击了解]down. On the New Year’s Day, we are going to going hiking or go shopping. It is certain that we call our family to share the enjoyment for the first day.




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